International relocations


Things you have to know about international relocations.

We are your professional partner for international removals. International removals are part of our daily business. For our customers, however, it is usually a one-off event: they are not just leaving their previous place of residence, but the whole country. For many, emigration sounds like an adventure and a new start. But first of all, it means one thing above all: a lot of organization and formalities.


An international move should be in the hands of professionals: have your possessions transported by a removal company and save yourself a lot of time, work and hassle. Below you will find an overview of the most important points regarding moving abroad.

An international move is time-consuming.


Moving house is always stressful. For weeks, the topic dominates the lives of people who want to move into a new flat or house. Checklists are worked through and everything is prepared as well as possible. Within their own street or town, many do without the versatile services of a removal company. However, trying to manage an international move yourself would be a mammoth project and problems would be inevitable. Better to play it safe!


How expensive is a move abroad?

There is no generalized answer to this question. The costs for an international move are made up as follows:

  • Where do you want to go? Are you moving within Europe or overseas? Of course, transport costs increase with distance.
  • Which mode of transport is appropriate? The costs vary depending on whether your removal goods are to be transported by land, sea or air. The cheapest option is sea freight, the most expensive is air freight.
  • What is the scope of your move? The goods to be transported have a significant influence on the price. For example, it depends on whether one vehicle is sufficient and whether containers and additional removal men are required.
  • Which removal date is agreed? The date of the move is also decisive for the costs. During the official moving dates, it is difficult to arrange an appointment with a removal company at short notice. A tip: To avoid high costs due to last-minute bookings, get in touch with the removal company as early as possible!



Moving abroad – what services do transport companies offer?

Even if the core business of a removal company is to transport goods safely from A to B, the list of services on offer is much longer. And this benefits everyone who wants to move as relaxed as possible. This is all the more true when it comes to international removals. If you trust a company with decades of experience in this field, you will save yourself a lot of trouble and inconvenience. For example, Alexander Keller AG takes care of the following for its customers:

  • Temporary storage in climate-controlled warehouses
  • Handling of customs clearance
  • Advice on the transfer of vehicles
  • Packaging material in accordance with official guidelines
  • Secure packing of individual or all items
  • Unpacking at the new place of residence
  • Final cleaning
  • Assembly of furniture
  • waste disposal



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