Final cleaning before handing over your old Apartement


Handing over your flat is about more than just handing over the keys. Depending on the size of the flat, the final cleaning of your flat can involve a great deal of effort. Interests vary, but unless otherwise agreed, the flat must be handed over clean, in perfect hygienic condition and without any damage or defects for which you are responsible.

This thought can become a stress factor. The flat inspection.

A correct procedure for handing over the flat prevents ambiguities and any resulting disputes between the parties. Many landlords have very high standards when it comes to cleanliness during the handover.

Generally, the apartement acceptance report records whether the rented property has been used normally or excessively. Larger property management companies often have their own form for this purpose. The landlord and tenant should check all rooms and details together to ensure that they are in good working order. Each room is walked through and checked point by point for any damage or soiling. Excessive defects as well as normal defects are recorded.

Ideally, the flat should be handed over to the new tenant in a clean and undamaged condition at a joint viewing appointment with the landlord.

Some property managers take a very close look at the handover. The landlord is only liable in the event of excessive wear and tear to the flat. For example, in the event of smoking damage, torn wallpaper, scratch marks from pets on the doors and parquet flooring, cracks in the sink or bathtubs, etc.

In the event of excessive wear and tear, the tenant is only liable for replacement purchases within the scope of the remaining service life. In the worst case, you will have to pay for any damage. Detailed information on how to hand over your flat can be found in your tenancy agreement.

Professional cleaning companies

Clean it yourself or have it cleaned? The tenant must not only completely clear and thoroughly clean the flat, but also any ancillary rooms (cellar, attic, garage, etc.). If it is too much work for you to clean the flat yourself, you should call in a professional cleaning company that specializes in the final cleaning of a flat. Final cleaning of flats is part of everyday life for such providers. They know exactly what to look out for, have an eye for tricky spots and the right agent for every stain.

Do you want to be on the safe side and decide in favour of a professional cleaning company? Get quotes from various providers. You can research and compare them yourself. Only place the order with an acceptance guarantee!




Acceptance guarantee as security

You should insist on an acceptance guarantee when booking a company. If the management or your next tenant is not satisfied with the cleaning, the company must take over the improvements. Insist that someone from the cleaning company is present if you have commissioned one.

if the result has to be redone. there will be no further charges.

It is advisable for both the tenant and the landlord to prepare well for the inspection. In this way, financial expenses for the tenant can be avoided and the landlord can re-let the rental property without delay.

After the move, you want to settle into your new home and concentrate fully on the new phase of your life. There is a huge selection of experts who meet the highest standards.

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