Moving Tips

Your A-Z guide from Helvetia Transporte & Umzüge

Moving checklists make life easier. However, individual keywords tend to lack information. That’s why we, as an experienced removal company, have compiled a more comprehensive list to make your next move a pleasant and enjoyable one. All you have to do is express your wishes and special ideas to us.

Address changes (watch list)

  • Current landlord
  • Your employer
  • Doctor
  • Car repair shop
  • Bank
  • Acquaintance
  • Billag
  • Clubs and associations
  • Electricity companies
  • E-mail sender
  • Fire brigade
  • Liability insurance
  • Home delivery services
  • Household contents insurance
  • Kindergarten
  • Health insurance
  • Day nursery
  • Life insurance
  • Military / civil defence
  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • New landlord
  • Online services
  • Post Office
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • SBB (GA travelcard, half-fare travelcard)
  • School
  • Service subscriptions
  • Tax office
  • Road traffic office
  • SVA Zurich (self-employed and pensioners)
  • Phone book (
  • Veterinary surgeon
  • Associations
  • Water/gasworks
  • Dentist
  • Newspapers/magazines

Floor protection

Helvetia Transporte provides floor liners free of charge on the day of the move.

Residents’ registration office

The change of address must be completed within 14 days.

Take the document receipt / identity card with you.

You will receive a certificate of residence. This can be used to register at the new place of residence.

Disposal, environmentally friendly and organised

From small hobby rooms to single-family homes / offices, large companies or warehouses – we will provide you with a customised offer and ensure professional disposal / clearance or professional destruction of your goods, e.g. files that are no longer required.

We will be happy to provide you with a customised quote on request.

Dangerous goods / chemicals

Dispose of residual quantities properly

Store separately and pack securely.

Inform the removal company.

House keys

All keys must be available.

Have missing keys made immediately (cheaper)


As soon as the day of the move is known, a solution should be found for the temporary care of the animals.

Inform yourself.

Notify the caretaker and neighbours at least 1 week before the moving date.

Inform the authorities at least 2-3 weeks in advance.

Change of address cards

Swiss Post issues change of address cards free of charge. These can be obtained one month before the date of the move.

Fridge / freezer

Allow time for defrosting so that the cleaning team can make progress.


In our dry and secure furniture warehouse in Schlieren and Fehraltorf, you can store everything safely for as long as you want: Whether furniture, leather furniture, antiques, musical instruments, pictures, files, products or complete home furnishings and equipment – we store everything you want (except food, chemicals and explosive materials).

Access to our warehouse is via large goods lifts, making it quick and easy to move goods in and out. We are also happy to provide you with suitable packaging material, which you can purchase in our train shop.

Information and offer


Dismantle the lamps in good time, request a specialist or enquire with the removal company

Have new lamps ready

Possibly get new lamps for the new flat, because light is important 


Discuss with the removal company what needs to be dismantled in advance. Helvetia Transporte has its own specialists for disassembling and assembling any furniture

Place all dismantled items such as screws, nuts and small parts in separate bags. Label them and stick them to the inside of the furniture

Request a floor plan of the new flat. Check whether the furniture still fits and discuss the new locations with the removal company. (furniture plan)


Inform old neighbours about moving out. Possibly organise a farewell party

Inform new neighbours about moving in and thank them for their understanding of the inconvenience involved

Mail forwarding order

Directly at the post office – don’t forget your ID!

On the Internet (cheaper)

Name tags

Temporarily write on the doorbell and letterbox of the new flat

Emergency bag (examples)

Emergency Bag

Batteries or power bar

Baby food

Baby wipes for cleaning


First aid kit

Light bulbs

Adhesive tape

Small meal for all involved

Mineral water

Wet wipes




Pocket knife


Extension cord


Packing material

In our moving shop you will find a wide range of materials to enable you to pack your clothes, books and furnishings easily and quickly. Our packing materials can be purchased or hired for the duration of the move. If you order more than you actually need, you will only be charged for the material used.

We will conveniently deliver your order to your home on the desired delivery day. If you or an authorised person are unable to receive the consignment in person, we will leave it at the specified address on your doorstep.

Parking space

On request, we can reserve a parking space for you free of charge (invoice from the relevant office will be sent directly to the customer)


Do not water too often shortly before the move, this makes the soil lighter

Pack well and safely. If you are unsure, ask a florist or garden centre

Cleaning/final cleaning

Leave the final cleaning to experienced professionals. We guarantee expert and professional final cleaning, so that nothing stands in the way of acceptance. An acceptance guarantee is a matter of course for us.

Construction cleaning

As a professional cleaning service provider, we remove all the dirt that arises on your construction site – during and after the construction period for completion. Whether it’s cleaning the building site, intermediate cleaning, cleaning at the end of construction or cleaning the building site itself – we are at your disposal.

Maintenance cleaning

Maintain the long-term value of your property with professional maintenance cleaning from us. Customised solutions enable us to offer you high-quality cleaning services. See for yourself and cooperate with professionals.


Have all known damage in the flat repaired

Report any damage to the insurance company immediately

Road traffic office

Have your driving licence and vehicle registration document transferred within 14 days

Do not forget to inform your own garage

Frozen products

Provide a cool box

Removal helpers

Request helpers in good time and inform them about their deployment

Damage occurring during your move

The removal company is liable for damage to furniture during the move in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations

Have the damage confirmed in writing

Report transport damage in writing within 3 days

Moving day(s)

Mark in the calendar

Inform employers of the date in good time

Washing machine / tumble dryer

Remove hoses

Empty residual water and container

If necessary, call a plumber for the preparations

Valuables / documents

Pack valuables, documents, collections separately and transport them personally, possibly store them temporarily (bank safe)

Handing over/taking over the flat

Fill out the protocols together with the landlord

Ask for a copy of them

Damage must be reported to the landlord in writing within ten days

Meter readings

Make a note of the meter readings for electricity, gas, heating and hot water in the new flat

As a reliable, experienced and professional removal company, Helvetia Transporte offers our customers in the Zurich, Aargau and Zug regions and throughout Switzerland an all-round service from a single source

Helvetia Transporte & Umzüge AG is your partner for all aspects of removals. After a personal consultation on site, we will offer you our services according to your individual requirements.

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