Moving with animals

There are a thousand different things to think about when moving house. What is often forgotten: Preparing your pets for the change of residence.

To ensure that the move is safe and stress-free for both humans and animals and that your pets get used to their new home quickly, you can consult our checklist for moving with pets.

1 month before the move with animals:

Organise a pet sitter for the move (preferably someone familiar to the animal)

For dogs: Re-register the dog or deregister it at the old place of residence and register it at the new one

For exotic animal species: Observe the obligation to register!

For cats: think about a cat cage and cat harness

1 day before moving with animals:

Have the telephone numbers of the vets at the old and new place of residence ready Bottle up the water you are used to so that there are no stomach problems due to the sudden change.

On the day of the move and afterwards:

If the pet is with you when you move: have their usual food, bowls, favourite toys, sleeping accessories and grooming utensils ready or give them to the pet sitter Caution with tranquillisers: always check with the vet!

Important for longer journeys: plan breaks for the animal! Let them explore their new home on arrival

Set up a quiet sleeping area with familiar objects as a retreat

Do not let cats out of their new home until at least 4 weeks after moving in.

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