Planning to move to France?

Are you planning a move to France? Or do you want to move from France to Switzerland? We will be happy to advise you on the planning and realization of your move to France or Switzerland. We will make you a customized offer at binding prices. We offer detailed removal advice for removals to France, take care of customs clearance for the import and export of your removal goods and direct settlement with your employer or the authorities.

Its important to go over the following factors when planning a move:

  • Are Swiss immigrants allowed to work in France?
    What about the application process and the costs of studying?
    What administrative formalities are there for pensioners?
    Is there an obligation to register?
    Does the vehicle have to be re-registered?
    What are the rent and living costs?
    How do I open a French bank account?
    Where can I go shopping in France?

Moving from Switzerland to France

If you want to move from France to Switzerland or from Switzerland to France, there are a few
things to consider. Starting with the question of which documents are required so that the
customs clearance of the removal goods remains duty-free. We will help you to fill out the
necessary customs forms correctly, obtain an export licence from French customs and ensure
that your removal goods are transported safely stowed in a truck that complies with Swiss and
French road traffic law about the permissible total weight. We will provide you with all the
necessary information about import and customs regulations!

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