Tips for flat cleaning: Important points to consider.

Remove stickers.

The gentlest way to remove sticker residue and stuck-on labels is with a normal hairdryer. To do this, heat the adhesive residue and remove it with a spatula or the back of a knife. On painted surfaces, the spatula should not be pressed on too hard so that the old paint is not damaged.


PVC-U windows

Warm water with a little washing-up liquid added is recommended for cleaning the profiles. Damaged profiles can be repaired with suitable paint.


Floor coverings

Shampoo fitted carpets and needle felts professionally (extracting with the appropriate equipment, which you can hire from a chemist, is the best method). Remove any stains.


Sealed parquet

Soak up with a warm, light special agent and dry. Completely remove any adhesive residue from carpet tape.



Thoroughly clean all woodwork, doors, window frames, curtain board underlays etc. (painted or stained) with soapy water. Make sure to work from top to bottom and not too dry so that no streaks are visible. Then rub everything dry. Treat stubborn stains and dirt carefully with a stronger product.

Wall cupboards

Wash out thoroughly with soapy water and dry. Remove contact paper and remaining cupboard paper. Remove any adhesive residue with thinner or turpentine substitute (caution – only use when the window is open and do not smoke).



Drawers must be removed so that the backs and rear sides and runners can also be cleaned. Do not forget door handles / sockets and knobs. Clean switches and sockets thoroughly (be careful – do not use liquid).




Wash thoroughly, sweep floors and allow to dry thoroughly.


Letter and milk crates, signs

Clean thoroughly, remove signs.


Do not use!

Do not use alkaline, acidic or aggressive cleaning agents (except for taps). Oil wooden blinds and brush sun blinds thoroughly.


Do not forget!

Thoroughly clean the fittings and crank rods, roller shutters, slat blinds, Venetian blinds and sun blinds inside and out with warm water and the addition of a light detergent (individual slats). Be sure to rinse with clean water and wipe dry (roller shutters and slat blinds).


Cleaning walls and ceilings

Of course, walls and ceilings are not subject to the same level of soiling as floors, but stains will still appear on these surfaces over time. However, the cleaning method depends on the type of material. Emulsion paints, gloss paints, latex paints and vinyl-coated wallpaper can be washed off to a certain extent. Paints of very good quality can also be washed off. The overall condition of the wall and ceiling should always be taken into consideration before cleaning. The effect of a single cleaned area must also be considered, as a thoroughly scrubbed spot will stand out strongly as a clean area from the more or less soiled area. In this case, you should decide whether it is better to wash the entire wall or renovate it straight away. When cleaning entire wall surfaces, first wipe the heavily soiled areas on radiators, light switches and the edges of picture frames with the cleaning solution and rub dry. It is best to start in a corner of the wall and then work in wide strips from top to bottom. The sponge should be moved across the surface in overlapping vertical and horizontal strokes, then always wipe immediately afterwards and dab dry. In general, make sure that no water gets into or behind the wallpaper seams, otherwise the wallpaper will detach from the substrate. Finally, clean skirting boards, window frames and doors. Certain unusual wallpapers, such as textile or metal wallpapers, are generally not washable; these can be cleaned with a hoover. With non-washable wallpapers, you should consider whether it makes sense to treat soiling. There is a risk of rubbing off the surface if too much pressure is applied. However, some techniques are suitable for all but the most sensitive wallpapers. A soft, non-staining eraser can be used to clean lightly soiled areas on the walls. Moistened white bread rolled into a ball also fulfils the same purpose.

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